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Finally, freedom to diversify your sales on a marketplace for only U.S. sellers.

Import your listings using our integrations, fulfill orders using Amazon FBA or other 3PLs, sit back and watch your sales grow!

10 products or 10,000? Account setup in under 15 minutes and no cost until your first sale.  Watch video
Now it's simple to add another sales channel and diversify your income
Easy store setup

bulk actions and automated Amazon listing import

Inventory tracking & sync

with Amazon or other integrated platforms

Ship yourself or with a 3PL

using our connections to several logistics providers (FBA, ShipBob, ShipHero and more)

Painless accounting

with monthly COGS, statements, plus Quickbooks & Xero integrations

More Features

Only US-owned businesses

with operations located in the US to best support your neighbor

No competition from Rivly

which creates a level playing field for all sellers on the marketplace

US-based seller support

available via email, chat messaging, or by phone

No Hijackers

Brand owners have more control over their listings on our marketplace

Counterfeit Protection

Approval is required to sell popular brands and registered private labels

Fewer Fake Reviews

We require varying levels of identity verification for shoppers before being able to leave a review

Higher Quality Feedback

Shoppers get compensated for creating great content and helpful reviews that support other shoppers


Getting started is easy! Just a few quick steps...




Create an account with your personal/business information using the following verifiable requirements:

1. At least 1 US owner registers as an owner of the company with SSN

2. US-based company address, phone number and bank account

Depending on your details provided, we may or may not require additional information for verification or a seller video meet n' greet.

Unlimited products. One simple price.




Payment processing included

Unlimited products (SKUs)

Amazon & bulk CSV listing importer

Inventory sync for available channels

3PL integrations (including FBA)

Email Notifications

1 user per seller account

Discounted postage at GOOD rates

US-based support: email tickets only

+ category commission & $0.99 per item





+ only category commission per item


Text SMS Notifications

5 users per seller account

Discounted postage at GREAT rates

US-based support: email, chat & phone

Brand ownership registration

Hijacker blocking & brand listing control

Promo code creation

Sign up before launch - get 6 months FREE


Contact Us

+ only category commission per item


Full service account setup

Bulk listing import >10,000 SKUs

Custom software & 3PL integrations

Set Minimum Advertised Prices

Unlimited users per seller account

Dedicated account representative


Missing a necessary feature?

Let us know how we can help.

Want a quick look at what Rivly has to offer?

Reach out to schedule a demo.

  • Do you welcome both private label and resellers/wholesalers?
    Of course! Private label, resellers, and online/retail arbitrage are all welcomed.
  • What types of products can I sell on Rivly?
    All physical products that can be lawfully sold to consumers in the United States. We do not yet offer digital products that can be dowloaded but it's coming soon.
  • What are the fees to sell my products?
    Rivly takes some of the lowest product category commissions of 8-15%. This fee also covers the handling of your payment processing, chargebacks, disputes, and fraud prevention. In addition, this commission is also refunded for any customer returns or refunds (minus the non-refundable payment processing fee charged by banks/card company).
  • What information do you need for identity verification of the seller?
    All Rivly seller accounts need to have an owner register with a US address, US phone number, Social Security number and birthdate for identity verification. Additionally, the business itself requires an EIN and US-based address. Most of the time, this information alone will suffice. However on rare occasions, you may be asked to provide more information.
  • I am not a US citizen but I would still like to sell on Rivly. Is this possible?
    Yes, if one of your business owner partners has a US address, US phone number, Social Security number and birthdate for identity verification, then they can register as the owner of the seller account. Also, Green Card holders with a social security number living in the US have the necessary information to open a Rivly seller account. Please contact us for more details if you are uncertain of your specific situation.
  • My business has an office in the US and also in foreign countries. Am I still eligible?
    Yes, your business is eligible to be as long as you operate with an US Employer Identification Number (EIN), US-based address, US phone number, and US bank account, in addition to passing the identity verification requirements of the account owner (living in the US with a US Social Security number).
  • I only sell on Amazon with FBA. Can I use my stock in Amazon to sell on Rivly?
    Yes, Amazon provides an excellent service called Multi-Channel Fulfillment where they act as your 3PL. As a seller on Rivly, you have the option to link your Amazon account to Rivly where we can track your Amazon inventory and send all orders to Amazon for fulfillment.
  • Does Rivly own any fulfillment centers so I can send you products to store and ship to customers?
    We do not offer fulfillment services at this time, though we are building connections to many of the popular 3PLs such as Amazon FBA, ShipBob, Deliverr, and more. These well-established partners have the infrastructure in place to support the high volume and fast shipping needed to meet our service expectations.
  • I do not see a connection with my 3PL. What are my shipping options?
    First, let us know what you are looking for by either contacting us directly, or submitting your integration request on our seller feedback board or in the Rivly VIP Sellers Facebook group. If your 3PL is not connected, you can ship products yourself (and optionally buy postage through our platform), designate an email address to receive an automated daily message that specifies the details of all of your orders ready for shipment, or invite your 3PL to have limited user access of your seller account so they can obtain the information that they need. In the near future, we'll be releasing our external API that will be available for all 3PLs and multi-channel software to integrate with their Warehouse Management Systems.
  • Will adding another sales channel like Rivly just make my accounting more complicated?
    No, not at all. We have simple statements and monthly tracking of Cost of Goods Sold (COGS) for our sellers. Our payouts to sellers are on the 1st and 16th of every month which means pay periods do not span separate months. Also, you have the option to either invite an accountant/bookkeeper with limited user access or designate an email address to automatically send your statements and COGS. In addition, we are currently working on integrations with Quickbooks and Xero to make this process even more seamless. This feature will be available soon.
  • What mechanisms are in place to prevent fake reviews?
    The first and most important safeguard is our identity verification process, which is required for shoppers before leaving a review. Additionally, we have other software solutions in place to help mitigate this problem.
  • I heard that customer reviewers can earn money on their reviews. Is this true?
    Yes. We provide rewards to the best reviews on our platform, a system that encourages high quality reviews and content which ultimately helps to boost sales and reduce returns.
  • Do you have any advertising on your marketplace?
    Initially, we will not support any advertising by outside parties or Rivly sellers, and have creative ways to add this in the future which does not bias the shopping experience. This means that the best products will always be shown at the top of the search results.
  • Do I need to create a shopper account if I already have a seller account?
    Upon creating a seller account, you will automatically have a shopper account created for you with the same email address. However, as most sellers use a business email address for their seller account, many prefer to create a separate shopper account using a personal email address. In addition, you can only verify your identity with one shopper account in order to be eligible to leave reviews and earn rewards, so it makes the most sense to use a personal email address for this shopper account.
  • Can I use the same email address for a seller account and a shopper account?
    Yes you can, but most choose to use a different (personal) email address for their shopper account. When you create a seller account, you will automatically have a shopper account created with the same email address. However, since most sellers use a business email address for their seller account, it is suggested that they create a separate shopper account with a personal email address since you can only have one identity-verified shopper account on Rivly and earn review rewards. At the present time, when you create your seller account, you will be asked which personal email address you would like your shopper account invitation sent so you can easily create this separate account.

More questions? Don't hesitate to contact us.


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